Top Food Ingredient Trends to Expect in 2011

Many different people, companies and publications have made their predictions for food and dining trends in 2011, but a lot of their predictions are similar. Across the board, the market for Korean-inspired flavors and dishes, mobile cuisine, and sophisticated sandwiches is expected to gain attention in the food industry. Here’s a roundup of some of the predictions:

According to, 2011 will bring forth a focus on natural tastes and flavors, in both the familiar and the exotic. And we’ll see classics becoming more functional, such as pairing classic “comfort” foods with fruits and herbs or spice flavors in health formulations. recently released its Top 10 Foods for 2011: small pies, sausage, nutmeg, moonshine, gourmet ice pops, grits, sweet potatoes, fin fish, Cupuaçu fruit and beans. Also released was’s Top 10 Food Trends for 2011, which include canning, food apps, fresh food everyday and chefs in the cafeteria. You can read more details on the trends here.

Mintel—a global consumer, product and market research company—made some predictions based on consumer packaged goods trends for 2011. According to Mintel, we can expect to see a reduction in sodium, sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Instead, we will begin to see increased usage of the word “natural,” focusing on what is in a product, as opposed to what is not. Read more here.

A article summarized food and dining trends for 2011 according to Baum and Whiteman—a world-renowned food and restaurant consulting company. Some of the top predictions include convenience store cuisine, breakfast during all dayparts, snacks and multiple snacks replacing meals, and group couponing. Some of the specific foods to look out for are Artisan ice pops, meatballs, tacos with global and wacky fillings, and grits—“the hot new grain.” Some additional “buzz-worthy” foods and ingredients are coconut water, cucumbers, lavender and macaroons. Read more of Baum and Whiteman’s 2011 predictions here.

Overall, we can expect to see a year full of new, natural and full flavors from all around the world, with an emphasis on convenience and high-quality.