Webinar Use Grows for Food Ingredient Industry

If you’ve yet to host or sponsor a webinar—online presentations via the internet that you can listen to and view from the convenience of your own home or office—it’s about time you revisit the idea. The food industry is no stranger to the world of webinars, and many of the big hitters are taking advantage. For example, Food Business News, so far, has six to eight webinars planned for 2011, increasing that from three to five in previous years, and both Food Product Design and QSR Magazine webinars continually increase in number, year over year. Each webinar has a specific focus, geared toward helping companies improve in customers ranging from sales, to trend-awareness, to manufacturing tips.

Here is an assortment of recent webinars that we have attended:

“Whole Grains – A Winning Strategy for your Core Menu”
Sponsored by ConAgra Mills and hosted by QSR Magazine.

“Trends and Opportunities for New Sweeteners”
Hosted by Food Product Design.

“Growth & Opportunity in the Gluten-Free Market”
Sponsored by RC Fine Foods and hosted by Food Management and Restaurant Hospitality.

There is a great demand for webinars, as they are a cheaper and more convenient way of gathering information, and it could be just the thing to put you in contact with current, and possibly new, customers.