New Products

Sensory Effects New Rebranding

SensoryEffects—a supplier of customized, technology-driven food and beverage solutions—has just launched a rebranding campaign, positioning three ingredient companies under one SensoryEffects brand. The three companies—Diehl Food Ingredients, SensoryEffects Flavor Systems, and US Foods—will now run as three business units: Powder Systems, Flavor Systems and Cereal Systems. SensoryEffects is less than five years old and is

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P.F. Chang’s New Product Site is Easy on the Ice

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro is a popular dining establishment that has recently boarded the ever-growing, now-in-your-grocery-store-freezer train. Having just unveiled its new line of frozen entrees, P.F. Chang’s has designed a new website——dedicated to the new products. Although product specific websites are not as uncommon for new product lines, it’s the clean, simple approach of

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